The Hippo Story

Founded in 2015, Hippo has been focused on transforming the $105 billion U.S. home insurance industry by harnessing technology and data to fundamentally rebuild and modernize the home insurance experience around the customer’s needs at every stage of the relationship. This active partnership with our customers helps prevent losses, which in turn creates better results for Hippo.

Hippo’s unique customer-centric approach allows us to continuously optimize coverage while delivering a positive underwriting result that drives retention and Hippo’s loss ratio over time. This combination truly sets us apart.

Message from our CEO


Assaf Wand, CEO and Co-Founder of Hippo Insurance:

“We set out with a bold vision: to shift the focus of the home insurance industry back to the end customer - the homeowner. In an industry that has traditionally referred to its customers as ‘policyholders,’ Hippo has carved out its own path. We’ve built products and services with a human touch to broaden home protection to include proactive, smarter insurance coverage.

Our guiding principle is that the best claim is one that never happens. The evolution of our industry must be grounded in meeting today’s customer needs. Through this strategic partnership with Reinvent and an incredible team of world-class entrepreneurs and investors, we can’t wait to continue to transform the homeowner experience.”

What Makes Us Different

Our commitment to transforming the home insurance industry.

  • Hippo combines the power of technology with a human touch, with a focus on delivering intuitive and proactive protection for homeowners
  • Our digital-first approach and commitment to the customer experience leads to attractive unit economics and policy retention rates
  • Our proprietary underwriting process is designed to more accurately assess and price risk at the point of purchase
  • Our omni-channel distribution lets customers buy policies however and wherever they want
  • A capital-efficient model and a disciplined underwriting approach

Why We Are Poised to Scale

  • Home insurance is a $105 billion market that is characterized by outdated coverage, poor customer experience and zero touch points between insurance companies and their customers
  • The market is shifting - shaped by a rise in connected homes, broader digitization of financial services, potential growth in housing starts and favorable demographic surge in potential home buyers

Aligned Interest: When our Customers Win, Hippo Wins